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First Dept. Forces NYPD To Pay Fees for Failure To Timely Release BodyCam Footage

A Tale of Two Courts (Police Misconduct Records)

FOIL, Spolation and Litigation Hold Notices, Oh My

police Misconduct Records: Court allows Police to Police Themselves

Focus on FOIL: The Reasonably Described Record

The Florida Out of State Division - Fall, 2020


The Video conference

Deposition Primer

Focus on FOIL

Police Misconduct Records

Defining a Hostile Education/ Learning Environment Today

Focus on FOIL: The Reasonably Described Record

The Suffolk Lawyer - April, 2020

Delivery Drivers - Essential and Entitled to Unemployment Benefits

The Suffolk Lawyer- May, 2020

the Zoom Video Deposition

The Suffolk Lawyer- February, 2020

Criminal Discovery Odyssey: The Order to Show Cause

The Suffolk Lawyer - March, 2020

Criminal Discovery Odyssey: The Electronic Discovery Portal

The Suffolk Lawyer: January, 2020

The Criminal Defense Discovery Odyssey

New York State Bar Association: Criminal Justice Section

The Suffolk Lawyer- December 2019

Warning Signs

from the Second Department

New York State Bar Association Perspective, Fall 2019

Focus on FOIL: Attorney Fees to the Self-Represented

The Suffolk Lawyer: October 2019 

Hostile Education Environment

and Schools That Fail to Address the Warning Signs

The Suffolk Lawyer- September 2019

Focus on foil: finding Brady evidence in

people V. ulett

The Suffolk Lawyer- April 2019

Losing Face with Foreign Languages: Case Dismissed — Facial Sufficiency Lacking

The Suffolk Lawyer: April 2019 

8th Amendment Excessive Fines Clause —

Timbs v. Indiana

The Suffolk Lawyer: February 2019 

Focus on FOIL: Police Dashboard and BodyCam Footage

The Suffolk Lawyer- February 2019

Visually impaired website (ADA) litigation... continued

the dignity for all students act:

a right without a (private) remedy

NYSBA Perspective: Fall 2018

Freedom of Information law: every good lawyer's tool

The Suffolk Lawyer- January 2019

The Nassau Lawyer- November 2018

Not so fast: The constitutional right to a speedy trial, and how long is too long?

The Suffolk Lawyer- October 2018

Focus on Foil: Court of Appeals Endorses CIA FOIA Exemption for the NYPD 

The Suffolk Lawyer- May 2018

Focus on Foil: Traffic Parking Violations Agency Records

The Nassau Lawyer- June 2018

Criminalizing addiction:

a disease or Crime?

The Nassau Lawyer- June 2018

Criminalizing addiction:

a disease or Crime?

The Suffolk Lawyer- May 2018

Focus on Foil: Traffic Parking Violations Agency Records

The Suffolk Lawyer- April 2018

Americans with Disabilities Act and Commercial Website Compliance

The Suffolk Lawyer- February 2018

Focus on FOIL- Attorney’s Fees Award No Longer Discretionary

The Suffolk Lawyer- January 2018

Courts Order Prosecutors to Comply
With Brady

The Nassau Lawyer- January 2018

Social media posts as protected employee activities

The Nassau Lawyer- October 2017

Recent Trends in Attorney's Fees under FOIL: New York's Freedom of Information Law

The Suffolk Lawyer- January 2018

Courts Order Prosecutors to Comply
With Brady

The Suffolk Lawyer- October 2017

Turner v United States and New York's Call for Criminal Justice Reforms regarding Brady evidence

The Suffolk Lawyer- September 2017 

Unmatched — Avvo’s Marketing Fees Unethical in New York State

The Suffolk Lawyer- September 2017 

Jae Lee v. United States: Immigration Consequences Trump Prejudice Prong of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Analysis Under Strickland

The Suffolk Lawyer- May 2017

Due process denied- the order of protection hearing

The Nassau Lawyer- April 2017

revisiting the right to die:
new york's aid in dying movement 

April 2017

Above the law spotlight:

cory h. morris, the law offices of cory h.morris

The Suffolk Lawyer- January 2017 

Supreme court update- double jeapordy and issue preclusion

The Suffolk Lawyer- December 2016

Aurora v. Baritz - Epstein's Mother Affidavit not Sufficient for Plaintiff Bank to Foreclose on Defendant's home

The Suffolk Lawyer- November 2016

Second circuit recognizes cat's paw liability

The Suffolk Lawyer- July/ August 2016

not so fast: 

the supreme court on speedy trial and new york's speedy trial doubles

The Suffolk Lawyer- June 2016 

Surveiling police surveillance-

gaining access to police body and dash cameras

The Suffolk Lawyer- May 2016

Should nonlawyers provide legal services within new york state?

The Nassau Lawyer- April 2016

Apple's fourth amendment fight:
the right to privacy in the digital age

The Suffolk Lawyer- March 2016 

respondent's invocation of fifth amendment results in stayed eviction

The Florida Bar Out-of-State-Division: March 2016

Aid in dying:

gaining momentum from coast to coast...

The Nassau Lawyer- January 2016

Cheeks ruling carves out flsa exception to frcp 41

The Suffolk Lawyer- January 2016 

  Aid in dying 
a new york state of mind

The Suffolk Lawyer- December 2015 

Looming first amendment challenges to local municipalities

The Suffolk Lawyer- November 2015 

Rethinking pretrial detention and speedy trial

The Suffolk Lawyer- October 2015

Confrontation clause concerns after clark 

The Suffolk Lawyer- July 2015

Facebook, free speech, and a reminder that mens rea matters

The Suffolk Lawyer- June 2015 

Focus on Foil: 



The Suffolk Lawyer- May 2015 

Plyler's mandate

The Suffolk Lawyer- April 2015

Focus on foil

The Suffolk Lawyer- March 2015

The dignity for all students act and students with disabilities

The Nassau Lawyer- January 2015

Federal courts clarify "good fit" defense to discrimination cases