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Traffic Offenses 

Speeding | Cell-Phone Use | DUI | Suspensions

Examples of Violations:

Improper Child Restraint
•Defective Headlight or Brakelight
•Excessive Acceleration
•Expired, Improper or Missing Plates
•Expired License
•Following too Close
•Failure to Yield
•Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
•Failure to Signal Turn
•Insufficient Speed
•Improper Passing
•No Seatbelt
•Wrong Way
•Failure to Stop
•Parking in Front of a Hydrant
•Parking in a No Parking Zone
•Parking at an Expired Meter
•Improper Display of Plate
•Obstruction of Roadway

Whether you received a ticket from your commute to New York City or your drive back from a weekend retreat, we can provide you competent and affordable representation throughout Long Island. We also provide the additional service of trying to resolve your traffic matter may without you being present, saving you time and money from loss of work and other commitments.


Why hire an attorney?


Some tickets, suspensions, and traffic stops may carry dire consequences, such as losing your license or subjecting you to certain criminal violations. Your insurance company could increase your automobile insurance premium when you plead guilty to speeding and other types of moving violations. DMV points stay on your license for 18 months from the date of violation and your insurance company can impose a surcharge for 36 months from the date of conviction. 

If you are seeking representation for your violation...

We will need a copy of the ticket, payment and advanced notice to appear on your behalf. 


Phone:     (631) 450-2515 | (954) 998-2918  

Fax:         (631) 223-7377 | (954) 745-4597


**Please note, submission of a traffic ticket does not form an attorney/client relationship. A retainer agreement must be signed by the Law Office and you, the client, before we can assume any representation on your behalf**



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