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Criminal Law

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Cory Morris criminal law

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Criminal Defense Attorney 

Have you, a friend or a family member been arrested? An arraignment must occur for the person in jail to be released. Bail must be set or the Defendant must be released on his or her own recognizance. Offenses vary but the initial stage requires an attorney to negotiate reasonable terms of bail. Whether in New York City or in Southhampton, we can represent you at the arraignment proceedings.

Focusing on addiction matters, Cory H. Morris obtained an advanced degree and a CASAC-T to help those facing crimes related to addiction. Whether it be possession, sale or negligent homicide related to the use of drugs, the office vehemently defends those persons who suffer from addiction and utilize this unique background to attempt to limit the culpability of individuals suffering from a disease or disorder. Have a family member addicted and jailed  - call today - (631) 450-2515 | (954) 998-2918.

To the extent that a lawyer is able to communicate with the client during the arraignment process, the client  can also be provided accurate, reliable information about his situation as compared to information coming from the police officer who arrested him or her. Mr. Morris holds an advanced degree in psychology - to the extent an argument can be made in mitigation, or to lesser the sentence, because of impulsivity, drug use, age, likelihood of recitivism and/or other psychological or sentencing factors, the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris prides itself in thinking outside of the box and fiercely advocating for their clients.


Additionally, sometimes a client's civil rights are implicated (i.e. False Arrest) or constitutional rights are implicated (i.e. Speedy Trial rights). Having an attorney familiar with the issues can make all the difference in the long run. Having representation can mitigate, or lessen, the severity or harshness of the sentence a criminal defendant may face.


We represent clients charged with any and all criminal matters, regardless of the nature of the offense or the allegations against the defendant, including but not limited to:

Police Patch
  • abandonment of a child

  • abortion in the first degree

  • abortion in the second degree

  • non-violent felony absconding from a community treatment facility

  • non-violent felony absconding from a furlough program misdemeanor absconding from temporary release in the first degree

  • non-violent felony absconding from temporary release in the second degree

  • misdemeanor aggravated assault upon a person less than eleven years old

  • non-violent felony aggravated assault upon a police officer or police officer

  • violent felony aggravated criminal contempt

  • non-violent felony-aggravated harassment

  • misdemeanoraggravated harassment of an employee by an inmate

  • non-violent felonyaggravated insurance fraud

  • non-violent felonyaggravated sexual abuse

  • violent felonyaggravated sexual abuse

  • misdemeanorrent gouging in the third degree

  • misdemeanorresisting arrest

  • misdemeanorrewarding official misconduct in the first degree

  • non-violent felonyrewarding official misconduct in the second degree

  • non-violent felonyriot in the first degree

  • non-violent felonyriot in the second degree

  • misdemeanorrobbery in the first degree

  • violent felonyrobbery in the second degree

  • violent felonyrobbery in the third degree

  • non-violent felonyscheme to defraud in the first degree

  • non-violent felonyscheme to defraud in the second degree

  • misdemeanorscheme to defraud the state by unlawfully selling prescriptions190.70A misdemeanorself-abortion

  • misdemeanorsexual abuse

  • misdemeanorsexual misconduct

  • non-violent felonysodomy in the third degree

  • misdemeanortampering with a witness

  • non-violent felonytampering with a witness

  • non-violent felonytampering with private communications

  • misdemeanorunlawful possession of a weapon upon school grounds

  • Violationunlawful possession of marijuana

  • Violationunlawful possession of radio devices

  • misdemeanorunlawful prevention of public access to records

  • Violationunlawful use of credit card debit card or public benefit card

  • misdemeanorunlawful use of secret scientific material

  • non-violent felonyunlawfully concealing a will

  • non-violent felonyunlawfully dealing with a child in the first degree  

  • misdemeanorunlawfully dealing with a child in the second degree

  • misdemeanorunlawfully obtaining communications information

  • misdemeanorunlawfully posting advertisements

  • non-violent felonyvehicular manslaughter in the second degree

  • non-violent felonywelfare fraud in the fifth degree

  • misdemeanorwelfare fraud in the first degree

  • non-violent felonywelfare fraud in the fourth degree

  • non-violent felonywelfare fraud in the second degree

The Office Handles crimes such as:

Drug and Narcotic Offenses

Wire Fraud

Marijuana Arrests

White Collar Crime

Illegal Re-Entry


Bank Robbery

Tax Evasion/Fraud

Medicaid Fraud


Museum/Art Theft




Crime Prevention
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