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New York, Long Island: 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

New York, Long Island: 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer - Call the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris - 631-450-2515

Being severely injured is hard enough without having to deal with the added stress and costs of dealing with insurance companies and covering medical expenses. Often times it can be a very complicated process leaving most victims confused and overwhelmed. If you’ve been in an accident, here are 5 big reasons to hire a personal injury attorney instead of dealing with it alone:

Protecting Yourself

Insurance companies have a tendency to only lookout for their profits and not your well-being. A personal injury lawyer will give you someone on your side who knows exactly what to do to protect your rights. If you are fighting your case alone, you may not get the best settlement possible or may feel pressured into taking a deal you are not satisfied with. Personal injury lawyers have experience dealing with these tactics

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Personal injury lawyers also know how to file paperwork properly and deal with the “red tape.” Paperwork for these types of proceedings tends to be complicated and time-sensitive; if you were to file it incorrectly on your own you could lose out on a large sum of your settlement because of a loophole or technicality your lawyer would have known about.

Claim assessment

Personal injury attorneys have the expertise to determine when it is worth it to pursue legal action. They can help you avoid wasting time and money on litigation if it is unlikely you will win your case. They can also help assess whether or not the offer your insurance company has already made you is sufficient enough or if you will lose out on what you are entitled to.


When you are the victim of an accident, it can disrupt your daily life and cause you a great deal of anger and frustration. This may compromise your ability to see the big picture and think rationally. Your attorney will be able to think objectively and prevent you from either accepting a settlement just because you want the situation to be over with or keep you from causing arguments with your insurance company.

Providing Proof

New York Injury attorneys know exactly what it takes to prove an accident wasn’t your fault. Lawyers know what exactly needs to be proved and what evidence is relevant. They often times conduct an investigation themselves and through your personal testimony they may discover details which help your case that you may have thought to be irrelevant. These details can help your lawyer build a strong case which may get you the bet jury verdict possible (should your case end up in a court of law).

Been in an accident and need to hire a lawyer? Have a personal injury story you want to share? Leave a comment below or give us a call today! Here at the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris (631-450-2515) we pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and trusting environment for our clients. We do not collect any money unless we get you the justice you deserve. Call, 631-450-2515, or E-mail us ( for a free case evaluation.

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