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Wrongful Death Action filed in aftermath of New York City Fallen Crane Accident

Whether you are hurt in a car or by falling material from a construction site, call an attorney; call the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris. Some may remember the falling crane (the video below depicts the crane but also features a couple of people screaming obscenities as it falls) in New York City. A man was killed and the family filed a lawsuit against the individuals who owned and operated the crane:

The New York Law Journal Reported that "On the morning of Feb. 5, David Wichs was walking on Worth Street near 60 Hudson St. where a 565-foot crawler crane owned by Bay Crane Service and operated by Galasso Trucking—both companies are based in Queens—was being used to replace air conditioning equipment and generators on the roof of the building...Thomas O'Brien, a Massachusetts man who was sitting in his car when it was crushed by the crane and who suffered a traumatic brain injury and fractures to his spine, filed a notice of claim in March that he plans to sue the city for $30 million."

The New York Labor Law protects both workers and people in the surrounding areas when accidents like this happen. Negligence of construction works or negligent construction site management can result in injury or death. You may be entitled to compensation. This graphic incident depicts the type of damage that can occur.

Should you find yourself or a loved one subject to such an injury, whether it be a slip or fall or being injured from a construction site accident, call the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris.

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