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Legal Research | Legal Writing | Brief Writing | Motion Writing


I offer an array of research and writing services designed for the solo practitioner up and to a large law firm. My services include but are not limited to: Drafting Motions (Notices of Motion, Affirmations, Memoranda of Law, and Affidavits); Brief Writing, Motion Writing, Legal Research and Legal Memorandum; Responding to Motions (Drafting Affirmations/Affidavits in Opposition); Drafting Appellate Briefs and assembling Records on Appeal; Drafting Pleadings; Drafting Trial Documents (voir dire, jury charges, etc.); FOIL Requests; and Drafting Internal Memoranda.

This firm has handled and acted of counsel in state court and appellate matters for complex litigation:

 - Matter of Dioso Faustino (Appellate Counsel, reversing lower court's denial of attorney's fees under the Public Officers Law, FOIL);

 - First Dept. Forces NYPD To Pay Fees for Failure To Timely Release BodyCam Footage;

Hiring an independent attorney for discrete projects can actually increase your revenue and free up your time.  By delegating work to a legal contractor gives you leverage to accept more work – and generate more revenue – than you could by handling these matters yourself.

After a review of the case file, I can research the legal issues, draft a signature ready brief, and send it to you for review. Any changes you suggest will be implemented as part of the discussed fee agreement.

Please feel free to contact me ( | 631-450-2515) for writing samples and/or a detailed resume.

Please Note: I will not disclose to anyone, without your permission, any confidential information obtained while working on your project, including, but not limited to, privileged communication, proprietary client information, attorney work product, and trade secrets.

For more information about me, my work history is detailed on LinkedIn.


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