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Housing & Real Estate

The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris is dedicated to helping individuals and their families achieve financial success as well as representation to achieve their goals in prosecuting or defending their interests. We provide service in Commercial and Civil litigation, Real Property law, including Short Sales, Deed-in-lieu of Foreclosure and Foreclosure defense in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and the 5 Boroughs. We also offer services in Florida. Our legal team has extensive experience in foreclosures, commercial and civil litigation, real property law, landlord and tenant law. Contact the office today:

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Real Estate Closings

We will make your real estate transaction feel easy and stress-free.  

Contact me to obtain a fast FLAT FEE quote for Real Estate legal representation, please complete the form on our "Contact Us" page or call the number below:  


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Foreclosure Defense


If you've been threatened with foreclosure or if you have been served a notice of foreclosure by your lender, the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris may be able to help you. You don't have to lose your home. By consulting an attorney at our firm as soon as possible, we can inform you of your options in this regard so you can take action and fight to stop foreclosure. Call today:

(631) 450-2515 | (954) 998-2918  

You are not alone - many individuals, families and businesses throughout all of Long Island, New York and Florida are in a similar situation. Times are hard and for many it is hard to imagine how they can possibly get better.



In the state of New York, there are rules and rights that protect the tenant. The tenant may not be locked of out their apartment or evicted without the court order of a judge or magistrate. In addition, landlords may not keep the security deposits of tenants without justifiable reasoning.

In Florida, the law may be considered a bit tougher on tenants and more favorable to landlords. Still, we represent clients in all aspects of landlord-tenant law in New York and Florida, ranging from the defense of tenant clients against eviction proceedings brought by their landlord to advocating on behalf of tenants to get their landlords to make necessary repairs or to treat the apartment for an outbreak of vermin or bedbugs. 

Long Island Foreclosure Defense 

The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris takes a holistic approach to solving foreclosure issues and helping you protect what is, usually, the most valuable family asset - the home. Asset protection and home preservation is more than just dollars and cents - protecting the home is more than asset protection and long island foreclosure defense goes beyond an economic decision. The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris aims to help our clients pursue financial health and stability in the wake of challenging and unforeseen circumstances. Many hardworking individuals have been subjected to hard times and unforeseen hardship, including natural disasters and economic upset. Whether a sudden job loss, illness, unexpected medical emergency, divorce, or another crisis, financial troubles can fall on anyone and a loan modification program may help.

If you have been sued in foreclosure, or if a foreclosure summons and complaint was taped to your front door, then your time is limited and you must act immediately. Once the foreclosure action starts, you only get 20 or 30 days to file papers with the court. Your chance to fight back becomes more difficult once time runs out. The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris is dedicated to protecting the rights of long island homeowners against unreasonable mortgage lenders. We take pride in defending the rights of long islander homeowners facing foreclosure who deserve to keep their home.

New York foreclosure laws | Long Island foreclosure laws require banks and mortgage companies to fill out foreclosure papers in a very specific way. If your mortgage company/servicer failed to do so, then you may be able to have the foreclosure proceeding dismissed. Defending long island foreclosures has sometimes resulted in cases where the banks do not have standing to sue and/or have failed to properly record the mortgage. Sometimes consumers are victims of predatory lending which caused their home to fall into foreclosure. Lenders give them mortgages that homeowners cannot afford. If you are a victim of predatory lending, you may have a viable defense. Sometimes a modification is possible - A Loan Modification being where the bank agrees to change one or more terms of the mortgage. Possible change to a Loan or Mortgage include: reducing the interest rate to avoid the lender falling back into foreclosure; extending the term of the mortgage to reduce the payments; and adding the arrears to the unpaid principal balance of your loan. Sometimes the property may be "under water" and a deed in lieu of foreclosure is a viable option. This option is a viable option for a situation where the person cannot afford to keep the home and the house is given back to the bank in exchange for a release. If there is equity in the property, a short sale may be possible. In most cases, the bank will not accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure if there are other mortgages or liens on the property.


By defending the foreclosure action, homeowners can stay in their home longer but every long island foreclosure defense and situation
is different. Throughout the process, however, individuals engaged in defending against foreclosure are usually able to remain in their home throughout the duration of the case without making additional mortgage payments. This can be anywhere from six months to well over two years. Call today: (631) 450-2515.


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