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End of Life Planning

Elder Law

 - Medicaid Planning

 - Powers of Attorney
 - Health Care Directives
 - Life Estate Deeds
 - Trusts
 - Guardianship Proceedings


Estate Planning and Administration
 - Trusts
 - Wills
 - Probate
 - Pooled Income Trust



Special Needs Planning

 - Guardianship Proceedings
 - Trusts
 - Government Benefits
 - Disability Planning
 - Medicaid

 - Special Needs Trusts

 - Special Needs Services

 - Manifest Hearings


The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris can help you protect your assets in the event of illness and dispose of your assets upon your demise, with minimum taxation and legal problems. Planning for one's death or illness is uncomfortable. An attorney at the office can lead you through the process to help you preserve your assets and plan for your future without leaving friends and family to guess or argue over what your last wishes were.


If you are like most families, the cost of care comes as a tremendous shock. Long term care is expensive and, often, hardly affordable. Your best strategy and options depends on the health of your loved one, whether they need care today or in the future, their financial resources, and other factors.


We strive to give each client peace of mind by carefully developing planning strategies unique to your personal situation — taking into consideration the legal, familial, financial and medical care matters that everyone faces as they get older. From questions about coordinating care in the community and in the home, to finding a quality nursing home, we can assist you. We can guide you through all the financial and health care decision-making issues which need to made in the future.


Protecting the Family Home


Your primary residence has unique protections under Medicaid, but there are also traps for the unwary such as Medicaid estate recovery. There are many ways to protect your home, and our offices will work with each individual client to navigate the Medicaid rules.


We know from personal experience. Even in a crisis, it’s never too late to help a client. Call us for a review of your situation over the phone, for free, to see if a meeting and consultation makes sense. 

Significant Life Events


Whether you are expecting a child to join your family or are due to undergo a surgery, you need someone that you trust to be able to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. Burial and the dignity to life and end of life processes are also important decisions that should not be left to chance. At the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris we can equip you with Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, Living Will and Last Will and Testament Packages at an affordable flat rate. From your burial to asset distribution, the Law Offices of Cory H. Morris are willing to help you.


Contact the office for a free evaluation of your matter: 

Phone:     (631) 450-2515 | (954) 998-2918  

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